IDR 33.500.000

A glimpse of Pitch First competition

Pitch First is one of the events held under the brand IdeaCraft Indonesia which organized by the graduate degree program of Universitas Prasetiya Mulya. Pitch First is a 3-round national business pitching competition designed for undergraduate (S1) students in Indonesia. In this competition, selected participants who have passed the First Round will compete in the Semifinal and Final Rounds at Universitas Prasetiya Mulya Cilandak Campus.

The competition will be held on Saturday, 9 September 2017 with "Social Empowerment Through Profitability" as our main theme. Prospective participants needs to submit an original business plan that aiming at the Triple Bottom Line Business (People, Planet, Profit). As such, all business plans for Pitch First competition should address social, environmental, and economic concerns in a balanced way to ensure that the needs of future generations are not compromised.

What is pitching? It sounds sophisticated.

Pitching or usually people call it pitch is a form of presentation done by entrepreneur or group of entrepreneurs in front of potential investors or customers. A business pitch is similar to the normal presentation. What makes it different compared to normal presentation is the amount of time allocated to deliver the pitch, which most of the time is a short one and the content of the pitch itself should address the whole picture of the business, while a presentation usually take a deeper and broader explanation about the business.

Delivering a business pitch - best practice

You might still wondering how to actually deliver a pitch. Relax. We got you covered. Here is one example on how to deliver a business pitch in form of a video. The video itself is produced by our fellow friends at Universitas Prasetiya Mulya when they are competing in an international business plan competition in Thailand. Hope it can give you the idea on how to deliver a pitch. One more thing, don't forget to register on our Pitch First competition and prove yourself can also deliver the best pitch!

Ready for the challenge?

Here is some rules you might interested to know about. You can download the full version of our general rules by clicking the download button down below or you can register yourself right away.
  • Undergraduate Students (Bachelor Degree) for all majors
  • One team consists of 1-2 people (max 2 people)
  • English language will be used throughout the competition
  • Registration fee IDR 100K per team